The "Ladies Committee" at their January 2006 meeting. Gaynor Gough (Treasurer) is on the right and Audrey Owens (Chairman) is third from the right.
Ladies Committee 2013 with Choir Chairman Dave T. Jones

The Froncysyllte Male Voice have been a competitive choir since their inception in 1947 and during the first few years they were often quite severely criticised in competition. They persevered however, as adjudication is always constructive, and as a result the choir rapidly gained in competence. A win at the Flint Industrial Eisteddfod in 1950 was followed by success in "Eisteddfodau" in Cardigan, Anglesey and Pwllheli and the need to be "well turned out" became important. Money was tight in the aftermath of the war and a "Ladies Committee" was formed from wives, mothers and girlfriends to help raise funds for Choir uniforms and music.

As the Choir's reputation grew it became financially secure with income from concerts, recordings, radio and television performances and by the mid 60's the "Ladies Committee" had ceased to function.

In 1971 John Daniel was appointed Conductor following the death of Lloyd Edwards and he was keen that the wives and girlfriends were involved with the Choir as it made large demands on their partners time. In 1974 the "Ladies Committee" was re-formed, initially organising social events like a Christmas Party for the Choristers children and grandchildren, but like the Committee that had gone before, they soon put their thoughts to fund raising for the Choir. Since its reformation, the "Ladies" have donated a total of £53,000 to Choir funds and many thousands of pounds to other Charities from money raised during their biannual "Sponsored Walks" and other activities.
The Ladies Committee present a cheque for £1,000 to the Shooting Star Unit of the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. The money was raised during their 2005 Trevor to Llangollen Sponsored Walk.
Presenting £1,000 to the Shooting Star Unit

Ladies committee present £1,000 to the Air Ambulance at the 2010 Wrexham Concert
Presenting £1,000 to the Air Ambulance

Presenting £1000 to Nightingale House Hospice

The Ladies Committee present £6,000 at the choir's 60th aniversary dinner
Presenting the Choir with £6,000
at the 60th Anniversary Dinner

Presenting Hope House Hospice with £800

Membership of "The Ladies Committee" is open to all wives, mothers, girlfriends or partners of Choristers but is not restricted to them. Any ladies interested in helping them in their efforts would be more than welcome. They have three officers, Audrey Owens (Chairman), Jean Hughes (Secretary) and Pam Jones (Treasurer). They have 8 active members at present.
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